Retainer Agreements

Due to demand from our existing clients, we’re happy to offer retainer agreements to clients who require on-going design or marketing. If you’ve never heard of a retainer agreement before, here’s how it works:

You pay a fixed monthly fee to ‘retain’ our services. This means that we dedicate a certain amount of time to you each month to work on your projects. If you don’t use that time within a month, it rolls over to the next, meaning it’s great for spreading the cost of a large project.

Uses For Retainers

If you’re not sure whether you’d like to work on a retainer basis with us, we’ve outlined a few scenarios where it might work out more cost effective:

Social Media Promotions

Promotions on social media work best with great graphics. As part of your retainer, we can create new graphics to be shared over Facebook and Twitter every month.

Blog Posts

Whether it’s graphics or copy writing, you can use your retainer to create engaging blog posts, or just add content to update your website with your latest services or contact information.

E-Commerce Updates

If you’re frequently adding new products to your store or catalogue, our retainer option can set us to work adding the products, photoshopping images and writing copy if required.


  • Discounted hourly design rate
  • Priority turnaround times
  • Easy way to manage a marketing budget more effectively
  • Good way to pay for large projects over a number of months
  • Can be used for any of our design or website services
  • Cancel at any time – no minimum term contract*
  • Convenient payment taken via Direct Debit each month


  • Retainer payments cannot be refunded
  • Cannot be used to pay for printing
  • Not suitable for clients who rarely require on-going marketing
  • When paying for large projects, a contract is required